Would you like to give as a present a pair of shoes or a piece of leather goods that has not recieved its final color yet ?

Here’s all you need to know about it:

1 / reminder

All our products are hand-patinated, an artisanal work consisting in giving the leather its final color, which will be the one chosen by the customer. Before this customization operation, the products are said to be “colorless”, ie off-white color.

2 / the advantages of offering a « colorless » product, to be patinated later.

– the person to whom you offer it will have the pleasure of living the in-store experience, or simply choosing the shade he wants from among an infinite number of possibilities.

– if the size is not suitable, it is easier to exchange than a product that is already patinated.

– if the model is not suitable, it is easier to exchange than an already patinated.

3 / what is the process?

You order a product called “colorless” (ie before patina). To do this, go to the product sheet, visible in the drop-down menu of the patinas.

It is delivered to you with the « colorless leather », so that you can offer the product to its future owner and he can freely think about the patina of his choice.

The product is sent within 5 working days* following the validation of your order.

Once in possession of the product, he can:

1 ° – Go to one of our stores indicating that the product has been purchased online, without color, speak with the person present to define the desired patina.

2 ° – Proceed by email, specifying the desired patina, screenshot attached, and return the package directly to our workshop (Caulaincourt: 59 avenue Kléber, 75016 Paris – France).

Note that the cost of returning to the workshop is your responsibility BUT we do offer you the shipment of your custome made shoes, to the address of your choice.

The patina period – 25 working days – begins upon receipt of your pair at the workshop.

*unless your basket which includes the product “to be patinated later” also contains a product modification service (example a metal toe plate) and/or another product deliverable with a longer deadline (example a patinated belt). In this case, the delay retained for the global shipping of the order is that which corresponds to the product having the longest delay.

     4/ Can I be refunded or exchange my “colorless” product?

A so-called “colorless” product (i.e. raw) is exchangeable and refundable, even if it has been sold on sale.

Only exception: if you ordered your product “without color” with associated shoemaking services (irons, skates) modifying the nature of the product, it is no longer refundable, but remains exchangeable.

On the other hand, the DHL costs invoiced with the order for the sending of your product will not be refunded to you. In the same way as in the case of an exchange, the return of the product is your responsibility.

      5/ until what time can I keep my product “without color” without having to pay for the patina?

5/a. Case where the product has not been worn.

A so-called “colorless” product can be brought to us to receive its patina (at no additional cost) for up to one year from the day of purchase. After this period, the current price of a patina will be required.

5/b. Case where the product has been worn.

A so-called “colorless” product can be brought to us to receive its patina (at no additional cost), without any notion of time, but the current price of a patina will be required. Indeed, a product that has been worn raw will require a lot more work and expertise than if it has not been worn.

How to choose a patina or version not available online in the product drop-down?

We allow our customers to choose/purchase online a product with a patina not listed in the drop-down menu. To do this, choose “My personal project”, order, then send an email to contact@caulaincourt.paris specifying your order number as well as a description (text / screenshot or other) of what you want as a patina. That’s it.

We draw your attention to the fact that using the “my personal project” choice makes your order non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Why aren’t all the models available for sale on the Caulaincourt site ?

For both shoes and accessories, some models are only sold in the stores. There could be different reasons for this :

  • not enough quantities of a model available, as they are handmade.
  • the shoe has a particular fit which means that it must be tried on
  • Caulaincourt’s discretionary choice to not sell certain products on internet.

For special requests, please contact Caulaincourt’s CUSTOMER SERVICE

What is a last ?

The “last” is the wooden form which is used to mount the shoe. It will:

  • Give the shoe its aesthetic (including the toe)
  • Give the shoe its special fit, and thus make it comfortable to wear.

All forms are referred to as “rotating” meaning that they perfectly fit the foot’s “bean” shape.

Caulaincourt offers nine different lasts.

What is a « construction » ?

“Construction” is the term that defines the way the sole is assembled and attached to the rest of the shoe. There are different types of constructions. Often historical brands have strong viewpoints on the specific type of construction they use (the Blake for Berluti for example, or the Goodyear for Edward Green). We take the opposite point of view from this approach so we offer all existing constructions : The Goodyear, Blake, Norwegian welt, Blake-stitched petit point (also called Blake rapid), the Bolognese and the Stormwelt. Our idea behind this concept: each construction provides its own special benefits. We consider that these benefits cannot be generalized to all uses a shoe may have (example: it seems absurd to wear Goodyear-sewn loafers over bare feet in the Summer). So we offer our shoes constructed one way or another, depending on the shoe’s intended use :

  • Goodyear, Stormwelt or Norwegian-type for Winter shoes
  • The Bolognese for shoes was typed ?
  • The Blake or Blake-stitched petit pointfor a “dressy” use.

All our constructions are sewn.

What is a MTO (Made To Order) or special order ? What is the Napoléon collection?

A special order is a pair of shoes where the person who places the order defines all the technical components (for example, construction of the sole) and / or aesthetic components (for example, the skins).

The shoes are made individually and for that order only.

They are totally unique, unlike a mass-produced shoe.

The customer could also use this MTO service to re produce an old shoe model that is not available in stock in our collection any more.

The Napoleon collection:

  • Defines all special orders
  • Integrates a number of models that are available only by special order (in contrast to shoes that are made in series).

For example, a customer can quite imagine taking a classic model proposed in black with a Blake construction and turn it into a two-material, suede & leather shoe with a Goodyear construction. This shoe will come from our Napoléon collection since it is produced by special order.

Production time is eight weeks and the additional cost is based on the customer’s requests, but it is generally around 25% (added to the price of the original model made in a series).

Why are all the versions (patinas) of a product not sold on Caulaincourt’s site ?

On any one model shown, an infinite number of versions are possible, thanks to the  handcrafted patina (customized color). A very small amount of possibilities are shown on the site.

We have decided to accept returns for exchange despite the fact that a product has been customized to the client’s request. For this reason, Caulaincourt reserves the right to not offer every possible, imaginable patina on its sales site.

For special requests, please contact Caulaincourt’s CUSTOMER SERVICE

Why are the shoes in Caulaincourt’s NAPOLÉON Collection not available for exchange or refund ?

The styles of the Caulaincourt NAPOLÉON collection are available for purchase on the Caulaincourt website. These shoes are made individually, completely personalized. In fact, ideally we restrict the ordering process of these creations to people who are already customers, or to those who can try Caulaincourt shoes beforehand in order to limit the risk of footwear.

In any case (including a customer who do not have tried our shoes) we will not be responsible of any problem regardiong fitting.

In addition to the fit, which must be adapted to the customer’s foot, all the elements of choice that constitute a Caulaincourt Napoléon shoe (leathers, fitting, colors, pattern details, etc.) must be fully understood by the customer.

All these precautions are taken to the extent that these shoes, once sent, do not benefit from any possibility of withdrawal on the part of the customer, since they are fully personalized. We cannot be held responsible, in any way, for any improper fit. As Napoleon shoes are made on demand, and to customer specifications, we cannot take them back in any way and therefore cannot be exchanged or refunded. The customer assumes 100% of the risk by placing an order on the website for a pair of Napoleon shoes, produced on special order.

For special requests, please contact Caulaincourt’s CUSTOMER SERVICE

Does the photo of a model reflect the exact color and its shades ?

As in the store, we make sure to work the leather color (for shoes or leather goods) to obtain an optimal result, as close as possible to the photo or object which served as a base for the client’s choice.

However, it is important to understand – and accept – that a patina is an entirely handcrafted work. Thus a perfect, exact reproduction on every point is not possible.

Also, though a photo might be realistic, it cannot be 100% accurate given the intrinsic principle of photography that depends on light variations.

For special requests, please contact Caulaincourt’s CUSTOMER SERVICE

What types of card can I use to pay online ?

We propose five types of payment by bank card : Visa, Mastercard, Carte Bleue, AMEX, and PAYPAL.

Can I buy without French V.A.T. ?

Based on the delivery address for the product you buy on our site, we will not bill you French V.A.T.(20%) if it is outside the European Union. This will be automatically deducted from the amount due on your bill.

Can I buy if I am in another country ?

We can deliver your purchases to almost any country in the world.

Is the payment secured?

All payments are done via the secured site of the Be2bill company  using a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) type of payment.

What is the delivery time ?

The delivery time is calculated as starting the moment you receive our e-mail validation of the order.

Then there are two possibilities :

  • Category 1 products (non-customized products – see GSC) : package sent in five working days
  • Category 2 products (products that have been customized when ordered – see GSC) : package sent in 25 working days.

Delivery time :

  • For a package sent in metropolitan France : 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)
  • For a package sent in Europe :48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)
  • For a package sent elsewhere in the world outside the EU : a maximum of 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)

In the confirmation mail you will receive when you have ordered, we provide you with an estimated delivery time.

Is the delivery reliable ?

We work in close collaboration with DHL Express.

As soon as the package has been picked up at Caulaincourt, DHL will send you an e-mail with a tracking code that lets you follow the package. Your package will be delivered to the address you have given and a signature will be requested for receipt.

DHL offers its “ODD” service (On Demand Delivery): this service will allow you to change the place or time of delivery of your package at your convenience, and very easily, thanks to a text message sent on your smart phone with the tracking code of your shipment.

I live abroad, do I have to pay import tax ?

If you reside in the EU, no import tax will be requested in accordance with the European free exchange zone.

If you live outside the EU, the customs of the country to which you have sent the package may require import taxes that vary according to the country.

The product is not what I want, can I exchange it or be reimbursed ?

The legal delay for retraction is 14 days from reception of the product(s). The products must be returned new and in their original packaging within this period.

We will inspect all products and reserve the right to refuse a return in case of non-conformity (example : creased leather or a scuffed sole).

You are responsible for the cost of returning the package to Caulaincourt. However, we will graciously cover the delivery costs associated with the exchange product, for the first exchange only.

What products / services are eligible for exchange or refund?


  • All non-personalized products.
  • All personalized products that have been purchased at their normal price (i.e. without reduction).


  • Special orders (one-off production, of a product to customer specifications).
  • All personalized products that were purchased at a discounted price (i.e. with a discount).
  • All our services.
  • Any product having been ordered on the site and then having undergone a change of patina (personalization of the color) which does not correspond to the choice of patinas offered online, or with a patina name including the word “Experimental”.
  • Any product that has been personalized with an engraving and/or tattoo.
  • All our services, with the exception of metal toe plates.


  • All non-personalized products (in that case the initial products delivery cost will not be refund).


  • Special orders (one-off production, of a product to customer specifications).
  • All patinated products, including any product that was ordered on the site and then had a patina change (colour customization) that does not match the choice of patinas offered online, or ordered with an specified “Experimental” patina.
  • Any product that has been personalized with an engraving and/or tattoo.
  • All our services, with the exception of metal toe plates
  • The cost of the initial shipping to you.


How to send back a product for exchange or reimbursement ?

If you are not able to physicaly return the product yourself in store, you must follow one of the two procedures explained below :

The products must be returned with the purchase bill (or a copy in case of a partial return) in their original state and packaging, along with a letter explaining the reason for the return as well as your request  – exchange or reimbursement – to the following address : CAULAINCOURT, 59 avenue Kléber 75016 PARIS France.

If you are requesting an exchange, please stipulate the product you want in exchange.


PROCEDURE # 1: return your package by your own means, and with the carrier of your choice*.

– You must stipulate your wish to return the product (s) by email to contact@caulaincourt.paris

– Products must be returned with their purchase invoice or a copy in case of partial return, in their original condition and packaging, accompanied by a free letter explaining the reason for the return, as well as the request made : exchange or refund; at the following address: CAULAINCOURT 59 avenue Kléber 75016 PARIS France.

– If you are returning a product from a country outside the European Union, it is essential to indicate when preparing the package label that it is a product return, to limit the declared value at 10 euros, and attach the EORI and intra-community VAT numbers of Caulaincourt:

EORI: FR501825467
Caulaincourt intra-community VAT: FR38501825467

Without mention of this information when sending from a country outside Europe to France, completing additional information requested by the transport company will not be our responsibility but that of the sender.

– If import fees or taxes are required to pick up your package, we will have to re-invoice to you the amount required by customs.

– In the case of an exchange request, thank you to stipulate the product you want in exchange.

*Except Chronopost when you parcel is shipped from outside EU. If you send back your parcel from outside EU with Chronopost we will automatically refuse it.

A second possibility is proposed to you:

PROCEDURE # 2: return your parcel through DHL CAULAINCOURT account

To do this, you will need to:

– you stipulate your wish to return by DHL Caulaincourt the product (s) by email to contact@caulaincourt.paris

– you pay to Caulaincourt by money transfer the cost of shipping, or online, we will have previously communicated to you, depending on your location.

– receive by email the slip that you will have to stick to your package before depositing it in a DHL relay point.

– Connect to DHL Locator, which will show you the nearest DHL relay point to place your product in its original package.

How long will it take to be reimbursed ?

Caulaincourt is committed to reimbursing you in the quickest amount of time possible after our service verifies the merchandise that has been returned. The maximum delay is 3 weeks from the day the products have been returned to our locale.

How can I contact you ?

For any questions, contact one of our stores by telephone (see the tab “Our boutiques”) on Tuesday to Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM and 3 PM to 7 :30 PM (French time) or our client service by e-mail