How to choose your summer shoes ?


You do not have the possibility to come to try, touch and see in store but wish to order?

In order to make your choice easier, we have created this page which is intended to help you if you wish to order our summer shoes online.

Before you begin, we strongly encourage you to check out the page “Size Guide”.
This is an automatic shoe size converter that greatly reduces the risk of error when choosing a shoe size.

A shoe is a fit, and an aesthetic bias.
The two aspects are strongly influenced by the choice of the “last” (shoe shape) used for a particular shoe.

We therefore offer you a guide of the Caulaincourt’s lasts which will allow you to understand more clearly:

NB // On the website you can filter our models by last (filter located on the left of your screen).




OCEAN 14th Last

– Fit: an ultra-fit shape. No risk to report.

– Aesthetics: a soft, summery shape without too much bias. A benchmark in terms of balance: it makes a slim, elegant foot without being too long.

– Size tip: a 41.5 fits a real 42.


– Fit: a fairly consensual and comfortable shape. If you have a strong kick, we recommend that you oversize by half a size.

– Aesthetics: A visually very “sober” shape, a soft and current round.

– Size tip: a 42 fits a real 42.


– Fit: An ideal shape for medium to strong feet (in width and height – kick), because relatively wide. Please note that it is not recommended for people with very thin and long feet, because it is relatively short (compared to its width).

– Aesthetics: the roundest and most “vintage” shape at Caulaincourt. It is ultra sculptural and pinched which makes it visually light while clearly assuming its “very round” and “old-school” side.

– Size tip: a 41.5 fits a real 42.


– Fit: A very generous shape that will let in “complicated” feet without any problem. Very little risk to note.

– Aesthetics: It was created to complete the Caulaincourt last park by bringing a round side as a real bias. On the other hand, it is a slender foot despite everything, and does not exaggerate the “heavy and chunky” side of some typical English shapes. This is a good alternative if you are looking for an “airy” round shoe.

– Size tip: choose a 7.5 to get a real 42.


All of our lasts are called “rotating”, that is to say they are designed to perfectly match the inward movement that the foot draws with its “bean” shape.



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