Caulaincourt’s first Hiking Shoe.

The higher last is round and generous yet doesn’t succumb to the heaviness of a traditional work shoe. The design is simple and spirited thanks to stitchings that imitate a classic pattern.

The Norwegian construction helps reinforce this confident model by providing robustness and guaranteed waterproof qualities.

A true fact : this model was given to Brittany fishermen, international correspondants and architects for evaluation … to this date, no pair has been sent back to Paris, proof that each person wanted to keep the shoes as part of their everyday equipment.

The customer chooses the type of sole (rubber or leather), the welting process (Goodyear, Stormwelt etc.) and its finish, the leathers, the decorative perforations and the patina if necessary.


The price for a special order on this model is 740 euros including French VAT (616 euros excluding tax if you live outside Europe), and includes the shoe trees as well as the patina if there is one. The manufacturing time, if the materials are available, is approximately eight weeks.


These shoes being unique pairs, please contact us at if you wish to order.



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