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Caulaincourt Paris presents an exclusive reissue of its "Camarguaise" RANGOON boots.

The Rangoon model was part of the collection for several years, before being discontinued five years ago to make way for other models.

We are very happy to offer you today an exclusive version, never before released, for pre-order.

What are the technical innovations of the Camarguaise Caulaincourt?

–          The leather

We have dressed this shoe in a special leather: a waxed suede from the English tannery Stead, treated to give it a “used” appearance. Its thickness and flexibility will make it a second skin, dedicated to protecting your feet and ankles in all circumstances.

–          The construction

The welting process is a combo: Goodyear stitched leather sole AND Vibram commando.

The addition of the two makes it possible to give an “4×4” dimension to the sole, extremely armored and infinitely resoleable.


How to wear it?

It seduces with its modern and retro look at the same time.

The association with jeans is its favorite use: black, gray, white, and selvedge; in any case you are sure that it will work.

But above all, it’s the type of shoe that will appreciate taking knocks, marks… in short, the longer it has lived, the more beautiful it will be.

He is unlikely to accompany you to the beach, however, the rest of the time, he will always be a companion you can count on.

Technical characteristics :

  • Leather sole, reinforced with a VIBRAM commando rubber pad and heel.
  • Goodyear welt under open channel.
  • Leather: very thick suede, having undergone a “used” treatment, which comes from Stead (UK).
  • YKK zipper.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

This pre-order will be followed by an extremely limited series (planned for latecomers).

Pre-orders complete