To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Caulaincourt Paris, the Parisian shoe manufacturer has teamed up with Tassinari & Chatel, the jewel in the crown of the Maison Lelièvre, to produce a unique sneaker: BANDIT Kashmir.

For 15 years, the French shoe house Caulaincourt Paris has been promoting exceptional craftsmanship, magnificent materials and creativity.

Tassinari & Chatel, the jewel in the crown of Maison Lelièvre, is one of Lyon’s oldest weaving mills, and owes its reputation to its extraordinary, centuries-old expertise in making exceptional silks by combining traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation. The two French houses are joining forces in a new collaboration that echoes their shared values of exceptional craftsmanship, refinement and the beauty of French luxury.

To celebrate the progress made over the last fifteen years, and the passion shared with its customers and partners, including the Maison Lelièvre, Caulaincourt Paris has designed an undeniably charismatic object, a symbol of disruption in the world of luxury: or how to project the French art of living embodied by Tassinari & Chatel in an exceptional, resolutely modern object – the BANDIT sartorial sneaker – an emblematic model of Caulaincourt Paris redesigned for the occasion.

For its third collaboration with Lelièvre, this new model features the Kashmir fabric from the Patrimoine collection by Tassinari & Chatel.

Woven in the Lelièvre factory in the Lyon region, this precious fabric with its large paisley motifs is rich in detail, and for the very first time incorporates wool to echo traditional Kashmir shawls. Kashmir is a silk warp lampas with a silk and wool weave that gives the fabric a warm feel. The introduction of wool yarns gives it subtle matt effects.

The BANDIT sneaker, an iconic model produced by Caulaincourt Paris, is handmade in Italy to the exacting quality standards of the shoemaker’s products. In keeping with the tradition of fine craftsmanship, Caulaincourt has succeeded in combining the comfort of a trainer with the nobility of a shoe, thanks in particular to the quality of the materials chosen for its manufacture. Its ultra-light sole gives it robustness and ultimate comfort, but also – and this is a exception in the world of sneakers – allows you to have your shoes resoled!


  • Following the success of the pre-order of this model, we decided to release a small limited edition for men; for women (only the sole will be slightly different) it is possible to order through our “special orders” (link here).



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