Bespoke leather Tattoo or Engraving

Tattoo on leather.

Maison Caulaincourt, always keen to be at the forefront of service and personalization, offers you to add a fully hand-made tattoo to your leather objects.

Shoes, sneakers, belts, luggage or other small leather goods can be personalized in an even more unique way by choosing the design, pattern, illustration of your choice, or by giving us carte blanche.

Important: note that in contrast to our engraving service, the hand tattoo has no limit (dimensions, patterns, colors etc.) the only limit to this art being your imagination.

Idea: you can have your company logo tattooed * (in addition to that of the rock group for which you were a guitarist at 18, your wife’s portrait etc.).

We invite you to contact us by email to tell us about your tattoo project; once the project has been validated, you will be offered a quote (number of hand made work hours to reach the final result).

In the meantime, here are some examples of work produced by Caulaincourt over the years.

PLEASE NOTE: an object that has been tattooed cannot be exchanged or refunded, and therefore no longer falls within our standard general conditions of sale.

* for any logo reproduction, we need the written consent of the legal or physical person who owns the intellectual property of the logo in question.

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120 720