Monceau Card Holder

This minimalist card holder elegantly conceals your bank cards in a case of skin.
Manufactured in France, with magnificent French leathers, it is a simple and beautiful object, which becomes indispensable as soon as one tries it: it is so small that one does not feel it.

It consists of a single central pocket allowing two cards back to back, allowing the owner to differentiate them at a glance.

Initially proposed in our collection of custom-made leather goods (Special Orders), Monceau is offered to you online sale in six versions:

# 1 chocolate piqué cream
# 2 printed crocodile orange slices
# 3 gray orange slices
# 4 bull nubuck slices anise
# 5 black red slices
# 6 bull nubuck taupe

Dimensions : 6 cm x 10,2 cm