Our Story


Caulaincourt is a French shoe brand.

It is the brand that has been shaking up the codes of high-end shoes for ten years, while scrupulously respecting their know-how.

It was created by a shoe enthusiast, Alexis Lafont, who declined his vision of the beautiful on a range of products ranging from sneakers to hunting boots.

Caulaincourt built its reputation on the dress shoe, but it is the breadth of the spectrum of types of shoes offered that most characterizes the maison.

What links these products together is an obsession with quality down to the smallest detail, a passion for craftsmanship, and the quest for uniqueness.

Indeed, if there is one thing on which everyone agrees, it is the marked personality of the Caulaincourt shoes.

Our reputation has been built on the strength of the wrist, having always defended the virtues of an extremely well-made product, without blabla, and at the right price.

The central idea that regulates the organization of manufacturing is to entrust the making of the object to the best hands according to the area of ​​expertise in question, so that it lasts over time.

Dress shoes and leather goods are manufactured in France, sneakers in Italy, boots in England, espadrilles in the the Pays Basque, and summer shoes in Spain.

Finally, the maison has become an expert in the art of shoe personalization:

Whether through the exceptional know-how developed around the handmade patina (customization of the color of the leather), or the MTO service (“Made To Order”, meaning special order), Caulaincourt is today positioned as the ‘one of the most relevant brands in the world on the theme of shoe personalization’.

On the distribution side, we have three stores in Paris, a corner at Printemps de l’Homme department stores and a merchant website. It also distributes its products abroad through carefully selected partners.

A loyal clientele, a united team that is committed to accompanying, advising and guiding, a passionate founder, a clear vision, Caulaincourt is also that: a community that is gather around the essential values ​​of the brand.

Alexis Lafont is a man of character and his shoes have inherited this spirit.