Our Story


« It’s a profession that I have chosen »


Everything suggested that Alexis Lafont would embark on an artistic career, since he has long cultivated the practice of sculpture, drawing and photography.

However, he followed a fairly classic course with studies in business, marketing and engineering. He was having a successful start to his professional life, but something important was missing. He lived in an environment crushed by convention and seethed with expressing his creativity. It was a personal drama that helped him change his life and embark on the tough adventure of entrepreneurship. His deepest desire? Discovering the pleasure of bringing a product to life and knowing the gratification of marketing what he had created from A to Z. Passionate about shoes, keen on noble materials and fascinated by the notion of patina, he decided to launch Caulaincourt. An adventure that would allow him to bring together the artistic disciplines in which he flourished since childhood: sculpture for the creation of forms, drawing for the design of models and photography for the ability to put an object in beauty thanks to the light that reflects on the leather, revealing the nuances and shades. An adventure that would also give him the opportunity to sell an item that would be worn. The challenge was great: the design and manufacture of shoes are very technical fields. A lot of work, thousands of hours spent in the workshops, a deep motivation and some great encounters (especially with Raymond Massaro) allowed him to finally validate his project. The first collection was launched in 2008. It consisted of 8 models, two lasts and a single construction at that time, the Blake. The brand was immediately a real success, but the concept of private sale chosen, although initially exciting, quickly became frustrating. Opening a store had become obvious, which materialized a few months later. Maison Caulaincourt, as you know it today, was born.


While the maison has built its notoriety around the dress shoe, it has quickly emancipated itself by offering collections responding to a variety of styles and uses that allow its customers to wear shoes in all seasons and for all occasions. From slipper to boot, including sneakers, from Bolognese construction to Norwegian, Caulaincourt is shaking up the codes and showing his obsession for quality. Attached to its uniqueness, the brand highlights the know-how and aesthetics of men’s shoes. Our collections are designed for all men who care about their looks. The dandy, the businessman in a hurry, the sartoralist, the connoisseur or the neophyte… all will find something to suit their feet!


A personal vision of the shoe | “I create the shoes that I want to wear. “

The Caulaincourt brand is the vision of a man who loves beautiful shoes and respects the craftsmanship behind the fashion accessory. By founding his own brand, he wanted to create a shoe that was beautiful, comfortable and made according to the rules of the art. A shoe he would like to wear.


A design with character

No one will contradict us: our collections have style. Caulaincourt is a culture of aesthetics. Our shoes, sneakers and boots have personality. The lasts are refined, the design is sophisticated and every detail is important. We celebrate the complexity of craftsmanship by designing true original models that complement any outfit.


Shoemaker lasts

Creating a shoe takes a lot of skills. A shape is not just about aesthetics. The foot should be comfortable and “breathe”, the fit should be comfortable and putting on the shoe should not be a problem. Our lasts are designed to meet all these criteria, this is one of the peculiarities of the Caulaincourt brand.


Very high quality materials and constructions

Our selection of leathers is very careful. We source our supplies exclusively from the most exceptional tanneries, we buy only premium leathers, and we only use the finest parts of the skins we buy.


Where are Caulaincourt shoes made?

In France, England, Italy and Spain. Our desire as a shoe brand is to “find the best hands.” » to provide the best available quality level. Each workshop we work with is an expert in its field.

In our collections, each construction is used for its characteristics. Meaning we do not believe that one technique is superior to another, but that each, when mastered, can be dedicated to a specific use.


Sneakers made like shoes

It took us several years to release our first collection of sneakers.

We thought of it as a traditional high-end shoe: a real superb fit and quality leathers. The result ? A sneaker with unparalleled comfort, easy to wear and full of personality.


Balmoral, ceremonial shoe or moccasin with tassels: Caulaincourt brings the classics back to life

Our culture of elegance and our love of beautiful shoes prompted us from the start to revisit forgotten models. We were the first to bring the tassel loafers up to date, we updated the formal shoe, and we took care of every detail in our interpretation of the iconic Balmoral button boot. Want to distinguish yourself with taste? Discover our achievements.


Color customization: the art of patina

If the house has become an expert in customizing shoes, it is in particular thanks to its patinas. Through this service we present to you the excellence of a know-how that requires years of practice. The patinas of the Caulaincourt house celebrate an art. We use our own developed processes for a sublime result, all in nuance and transparency. The customization of your patinated shoes is included in their price.


The Made-to-Order | The ultimate personalization according to Caulaincourt Paris

We decided early on to offer you a service that would allow you to customize our shoes as much as possible. We wanted to give you the opportunity to express your creativity and your desires by designing your own shoe. No, we don’t make bespoke shoes, we create unique designs. Discover examples of the limitless fantasy of our customers by visiting the page dedicated to our Made To order service.


Caulaincourt Paris: 4 stores, antennas around the world and an e-shop.

The first Caulaincourt boutique opened in Paris in December 2008. Today, 3 very different places welcome our customers: Located a few steps from the Boissière metro station, our shop on avenue Kléber enchants shoe freaks of the « rive droite ». A stone’s throw from the Bon Marché department store, our shop on rue Chomel is ideally located on the « rive gauche », not far from Saint-Germain-des-Prés. You can also discover our boutique-style corner in the heart of the luxury Printemps Haussmann department store dedicated to men.

Can’t make it? Do you like to shop online? Succumb to a pair of Caulaincourt shoes at any time of the day or night thanks to our e-shop.

Caulaincourt has recently opened a store in Dubaï, and rely on some international antennas to distribute the products abroad.

We could not conclude this « bio » page without a word for our customers and our team. Caulaincourt is also a loyal and tight-knit community that thrives and is united around essential values. We are having a wonderful journey thanks to you and we deeply thank you for it.