Made To Order collection

Special Orders | High-end shoes manufactured on demand

Maison Caulaincourt wanted to offer its customers the possibility of creating their own shoe. We therefore imagined the Made-to-Order service: play with the codes of our collections and create a unique model. Discover our concept, which is aimed at both men and women.

We know your taste for beautiful things. We therefore wanted to offer you a tailor-made service: a pair of high-end shoes entirely personalized and developed on the basis of Caulaincourt patronage. You will discover on this page some of our most beautiful achievements, designed with our customers. The only limit? Your imagination.

Made-to-Order by Caulaincourt Paris: fully personalized shoes

Fancy a unique pair of Caulaincourt made especially for you? Here is our Special Orders service detailed in 5 steps:

  1. You choose the shape of the shoe.

This is what differentiates our concept of a Bespoke men’s shoe, since you will have to choose from our range of Lasts. However, this is not limiting, because we offer a wide range: round, squared, fluid, or rounded… In total, more than 12 lasts to fit that will meet the desires of lovers of beautiful shoes in all their diversity.

  1. You create the upper and its lining

What is your ideal shoe? The brogue, the derby, a monkstrap, elegant boots…? You choose. Better yet, you determine the leather and the lining. You can also choose the two-material style or the “one cut” cut, anything is possible. (additional cost for exotic leathers, such as crocodile, python, etc. Contact us for a quote).

  1. You choose the construction / welt.

Whether you like the finesse of the Bolognese welt or the rigor of the Goodyear welt, you will be able to select the construction of your choice. This is YOUR shoe and we offer a wide selection:

Blake (open or close channel)


Goodyear (open or close channel)

Norwegian (open or close channel)


Combo leather welt and Commando rubber soles

Our attention to detail even goes so far as to offer you the choice for the finish of your construction. Will the roulette adorning the welt have your preference?

  1. You decide on the patina and the finishes (tip, decoration, etc.)

Are you a fan of front medallions flower ? Do you like the sobriety ? Do you dream of a moccasin with tassels that would reflect the uniqueness of your personality? We create the decoration you want by adding or removing lines of perforations, medallions, etc. We even offer you the possibility of adding a piece of “selector” leather to your future pair of ankle boots.

As for the colors, you know, they make the reputation of the Caulaincourt styling. A unique patina, handmade and according to your instructions is therefore included in the creation process.

  1. Competitive price

Because we want to offer you the best at the fairest price, the supplement compared to the production model is only 195 euros, whatever the specifications, unless you make the choice of exotic leathers (porosus crocodile , for example).

Shoes made according to the rules of the art

The Caulaincourt standards is present in every detail of our shoes. We select the most beautiful leathers and our close collaboration with the tanneries allows us to always use the leather adapted to each model. As we know that each know-how is unique, we have our shoes manufactured from different ateliers in France, Italy, England and Palma. We thus ensure the best expertise according to the type of shoe chosen. You will need to wait between 8 and 12 weeks of patience between your order and its reception.

Imagine the pair of shoes of your dreams: a unique model, with a remarkable fit, which will accompany you for a very long time. And for total personalization of your style, know that our « à la carte patina » service also concerns our MTO collection.

Please note, logically, Special Orders are neither taken back nor exchanged.