Services offered by Caulaincourt

All the services necessary for shoefreaks are offered by the Maison.

As a Caulaincourt customer you deserve to be taken care of, and this dedicated services page is dedicated to you.

Shoe repair services essential to your shoe park

Our selection of shoe repair services:

  • The iron toe plates, seen at Caulaincourt as an accessory that is both aesthetic and practical, essential if you want to protect the most vulnerable part of the shoe: the end of the sole.
  • The rubber added sole, made of vegetable rubber, essential if you prefer to have to change the tire one day rather than the wheel. It will also prevent you from slipping on wet floors while ensuring the integrity of the shoe.
  • The heels (straightens, change of the block, of the bombout).
  • The installation of a “glissoire
  • The resoling of your leather and / or rubber soles, Blake stitching, Goodyear stitching, Norwegian stitching and sneakers.

For more interactivity, we invite you to send us photos of your shoes by email in order to offer you a remote diagnosis.

Leather maintenance services for your shoes and accessories

Our selection of leather care services:

  • The “re-patina” or how to give a new youth to your shoes by modifying the color thanks to the artisanal work of our colorists, true magicians of the color (service which can be very useful to save your shoes when they have been stained, or burned by hydro-alcoholic gel).
  • Complete care, which will allow us to replace you when you do not have the time or the will to worry about maintaining the leather of your shoes, belts and other accessories. You send us your tired shoes, we get them back to you in great shape. In particular, this will prevent premature wear of the leather and the appearance of cracks.
  • Mirror shoe polish, which will add a refined and dressy touch to your favorite shoes, especially when you need to bet on elegance.

What is a complete treatment for?

Keep the skin of your shoes in good condition

Leather is a natural material called “living”. It will evolve over time, and undergo both the enormous torsion due to walking, bad weather, chocs etc.

To maximize the lifespan of your leather shoes, it is essential to provide them with care, which will prevent the dehydration of the material, and ultimately the cracks that are regularly observed in more or less recent shoes. Once this objective has been fulfilled, it will be necessary to protect the leather with waxes, and make them more waterproof.

Tip: The walking wrinkles forms when you wear your shoes. This is a normal phenomenon which contributes to the natural patina of the leather. However, to prevent them from marking too much, or eventually producing microcracks, it is important to cream the leather thoroughly, and especially in these areas.

Make your shoes beautiful again

When you wear tired leather shoes, you lose an important part of the pleasure of sporting a beautiful pair.

A good pair of shoes is above all an object of pleasure, and can be kept as such (regardless of its condition when you entrust them to us) if you let us take care of them.

And then, it would be a real shame not to do it, once you’ve experienced it once and witnessed the “before / after” effect.

Caulaincourt’s logistics services

Different cases may arise, and you may need to entrust us with your shoes.

To make your life easier, we provide you with our logistics services allowing you to return a pair of shoes to us from any country in the world.

And since we are never short of attention, we offer you the possibility of taking advantage of DHL INTERNATIONAL services on the basis of our professional rates.

We will then take care of everything and all you have to do is hand the parcel to DHL from your home.

Order a Caulaincourt voucher

We provide you with a service allowing you to order and receive (by mail or PDF via email) a Caulaincourt gift voucher of a value of your choice. A birthday, a departure gift, a specific occasion? Indulge yourself by offering the Caulaincourt experience from A to Z.