Men’s socks | High-end male accessories

Colorful lisle knee socks, made in Italy for an accomplished style that doesn’t take itself seriously. We wanted to combine fantasy, comfort and aesthetics in a collection of men’s socks. Discover our achievements, which are already benchmarks on the market.

Nothing better than a nice pair of socks to accompany exceptional shoes. Dandy or discreet elegance lovers, succumb to the comfort of the collection that we have dedicated to you!

The Caulaincourt requirement at your feet

Why create a collection of knee socks? Because as shoemakers we know how much comfort and elegance they can bring. Your foot and ankle will be nicely dressed in quality lisle thread with a very soft touch. No annoying seams, no unsightly folds, their manufacture is impeccable.

Why did we choose the Scottish thread?

Because when it’s made in the right way, it’s irresistible. The cotton is of high quality and the thread is terribly resistant. The final fabric is beautiful, silky and so breathable you can wear it in summer. The best makers are in Italy, so we brought in one of them.

Socks in intense colors that do not fade

Whether you want to assert your dandyism even in the socks or you want to wrap your feet in bold but discreet colors, you will find a model that suits you.

We have chosen colors and patterns that are sometimes sober and sometimes offbeat to be sure to dress you for all occasions. Pied-de-poule, pied-de-coq, vanisé, caviar… an endless variety for the most demanding. If we collaborate with an Italian workshop, it is for its know-how. Not only is the weave of a remarkable quality, but the colors are intense and they last. You can wash the Caulaincourt knee socks together without risking them to rub off.