Shoe care products

Shoe care: taking good care of your Caulaincourt shoes


A fine pair of shoes needs to be maintained regularly. Find here a minimalist selection oriented on Saphir brand, in particular. Creams, brushes or shoe trees, we have put together for you the products that we believe are necessary for all beautifull shoes freaks.

Your Caulaincourt shoes deserve your care.

The essential accessories to take care of your shoes

Our selection of everyday products:

  • The palot. This small brush is perfect for reaching the most difficult areas and its use is multiple. It will allow you to take care of your shoes without getting your hands dirty.
  • The polish glove. As the name suggests, it is used to shine leather. Very practical, it is in real sheep’s wool.
  • Creams. A moisturizing ointment is essential for the proper maintenance of leather shoes. We have selected natural products, recognized for their high quality. They nourish the leathers in depth.

For more convenience, we offer a shoe care kit, in which you will find each of these essential accessories.


Shoe trees

What are shoe trees used for?

Keep the leather stretched when the shoe is not worn

The wrinkles form when you wear your shoes. This is a normal phenomenon which contributes to the natural patina of the leather. However, to prevent them from scoring too much, it is recommended that you slip shoe trees into your shoes when not in use so that the leather feels dry and tight.

Our shoe trees have been developed to adapt to our lasts to be matching each other.

Absorb moisture

When wearing shoes, the foot always gets a little warm and moisture accumulates in the leather. We offer raw wood shoe trees because it is in its natural appearance that it is the most absorbent. Your shoes will dry much faster. We chose beech wood because it is an odor resistant wood.


Saphir essentials

The well-known brand of shoe freaks is present at Caulaincourt. We offer you the essentials: the nourishing cream (« crème surfine »), which will help you maintain the patina of your leathers, because it will restore their shine and the famous luxury paste « Médaille d´or »


Caulaincourt colorless nourishing cream: the absolute essential

If there were to be only one product to provide essential maintenance for your leathers, it would be the Colorless Nourishing Cream. We developed ours, based on a secret recipe. Benefit from our years of experience in maintaining, renovating and coloring leather.