MURAT wallet

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Manufactured in France, with magnificent French leathers, it is a simple and beautiful object, which is essential as soon as you try it: perfect for a trouser pocket, it contains a lot, in little space.

It consists of a central opening for the bills or papers, and four asymmetrical side slots on one side and the other of the object, to accommodate the cards.

Initially proposed in our collection of bespoke leather goods (Special Orders), the Murat is offered for sale online in five versions:

# 1 Calf grained blood orange.

# 2 Calf grained blue lagoon

# 3 Nubuck Chocolate Bull / Purple Squares

# 4 Cobalt blue grained calf

# 4 Calf grained green anise

Dimensions : 8,2 x 11,2 cm

245 €
 Price for non European Union delivery : 204 € )
Porte cartes MURAT

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