Caulaincourt Paris, the Clip.

Caulaincourt’s soul captured in a 2:14 film, by Danish Peter Lyng.

Caulaincourt is a footwear brand created in 2008 by Alexis Lafont, in Paris.

The maison has since become a reference in the art of personalizing shoes, whether they are traditional shoes, sneakers or even boots…working the color of the leather in general.

But, for us – the Caulaincourt crew – it is a global approach that drives us, long before our expertise in the field of patina.

This is what we tried to transcribe in this film:

Our daily obsession for perfection, the love of beauty, the fact of offering unique products.

Some call us “rebels” in the shoe world … it may be true in the way we think about our brand, but never at the expense of the quality of our products.

We are Bandits – the name given to our iconic mid-top sneakers – in love. In love with our profession, our objects, and the “lifestyle” that inspires us.

And who better to film this than an outside eye, that of an enlightened observer of French craftsmanship?

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