Which men’s shoes to choose for your wedding?

Which Men’s Shoes to Choose for Your Wedding?

If there is one thing that saddens the passionate shoemaker, it’s the groom who doesn’t know what to wear for the D day and ends up hastily buying overly basic black derbies. The men’s shoe offers a very wide range of shapes and variations, take advantage of it.

What shoes to choose for your wedding? Once you have determined your budget, you can start your search for that rare pearl. Formal or bohemian ceremony, it doesn’t matter, you need to find a comfortable and quality pair of shoes that will keep a special place in your dressing room. Ultra-elegant Oxford, sport derby, formal shoe or discreet trainers, indulge yourself and, why not, treat yourself to the model of your dreams.


What budget for men’s wedding shoes?

Ideally, you need comfortable shoes that you can carry over. They must be beautiful, well designed and made of quality materials. Between € 300 and € 600 seems like a realistic budget to reach your goal. You will have the choice of style and leather, and you can afford well-made shoes that will stay in your dressing room for a very long time, if you maintain them the way it should be. You can find dress shoes for $ 200 or less, but the choice will be limited, as your criteria will unfortunately be more difficult to meet with this budget.

What if your wedding was the occasion to treat yourself to the pair of shoes of your dreams?

While women often take advantage of this D day to buy escarpins they would not have dared to afford before, men are more timid. So get started. If you can afford it, treat yourself to this magnificent pair of shoes that makes you dream. In addition to giving pleasure, quality shoes represent a very good investment.


Formal or casual wedding?

Traditionally, the groom wears a suit and leather shoes. However, we see more and more people opting for a relaxed ceremony, with an informal dress code or guests in jeans and sneakers. Dressy or casual wedding? There is a pair of shoes for all occasions.



Shoes for a formal wedding

In order not to go wrong, choose a one-cut oxford. Obviously racy and always elegant, this is the essential model for wearing a beautiful suit. Do you want a chic wedding shoe with a touch of uniqueness? The Balmoral brogue or with a flower medallion is elegant and formal. The double monk (shoe with buckles) is another classic model that will fit perfectly. You will find some with really flattering fine shapes.

The derby is obviously an option. Judged less chic by connoisseurs, it is however available in several lasts that can make it particularly elegant, while playing the card of classicism.

Finally, you have the option of the dressy leather loafers, which will add an informal and relaxed touch to your sophisticated outfit.

Should the groom’s shoes be black? Absolutely not. Unless you get married in a very formal uniform, dare another color. Brown is a great alternative, as is navy blue. Dark and understated, these colors go wonderfully with many outfits. Gray shoes are understated as well and can perfectly match a classic suit and will enhance your outfit, especially if you are getting married in the summer.


Shoes for less formal weddings

In this case, the only rule is to stay in good taste. A pretty pair of unlined moccasins will go well with a sporty outfit while remaining chic. Gentlemen, do you want to get married in sneakers ? White doesn’t have a monopoly on good taste, but we advise you to stay sober and choose elegant and comfortable sneakers. Remember to choose a breathable model, because your feet should not heat up after an hour of standing.







What shoes to choose for your wedding? A little originality

The elegant man can be bold. Here are some options you should consider if you like quiet nonconformity.


Get married in boots

The intention here is to stand out with a lot of elegance. The cut and the quality of the leather are therefore essential criteria. Our preference? La Balmoral of course; in smooth leather, in a two-material version or even with buttons for a decidedly dandy style. More classic, the Jodhpur will be the most beautiful effect. Don’t hesitate to choose a sporty style if you want to wear it with jeans or cuffed pants for a more informal wedding.


Mirror polish, shades, patinas: dare to be original

There are many ways a man’s shoe can stand out. For a traditional wedding, consider mirror polish. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any stylish dress shoe. Are you in a daring mood? Ditch the black, navy and brown. A colorful hand-made patina will look great with a well-cut suit. Go for a cocoa, a subtle burgundy, a gray or even a discreet green. The options are plentiful. Suede, as well, is a nice alternative to the plain classic leather.

More original and a little less formal, a classic nubuck style will go with everything, as long as your outfit is casual.


Gentlemen, 5 tips for choosing the right shoes for your wedding


  1. Don’t do it at the last minute.
  2. Prepare your shoes for D-Day. To be sure you don’t suffer in new shoes, we recommend that you “break” them. Wear them around your house for a few hours and even try to wear them for a day at work.

If you choose a pair of Caulaincourt, wear them and bring them back to us two or three weeks before the wedding, we will make them a makeover.

  1. Wear quality socks. They will prevent you from unnecessary overheating. Knee-highs are ideal, as they prevent the leg from being exposed when seated.
  2. Remember to associate your belt with your shoes. This is advice to apply on a daily basis, but bad taste is unforgivable on her wedding day.
  3. Check the condition of your shoes the day before. Brush them, wax them and refresh the mirror polish if necessary.


If the bride is the center of the party, it’s a big day for you too. Once the dress code has been determined and the suit has been found, you have the shoes left. Which shoe to choose for your wedding? Contrary to popular belief, there are many options available to men. Caulaincourt even gives you the possibility to create your own model. Take your time, dare to stand out and always choose elegance. Oxfords, derby, loafers or sneakers, chic and fantasy are everywhere, you just need to look carefully.

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