At this symbolic moment I want to thank you all, customers, followers, shoe lovers, because without you we would not exist.

If we are still standing today it is thanks to you.

If the passion for a work well done, for a beautiful product, for craftsmanship is still anchored to the body, it is thanks to you.

If we are still filled with envy after such a difficult year, it is because you have nourished us, by your encouragement, your feedbacks, your compliments, and your loyalty.

We have tried everything this year: resist, continue our digitalization, improve the in-store experience, continue to offer you new models, new collaborations, pass on some of our know-how to you via our video tutorials, make you laugh too during confinements … because we are above all human beings.

And if we have deployed all this positive energy this year, it is thanks to our formidable team (the one you know in store, but also the one you know less about), which has mobilized around a project, the one that been mine since the creation of Caulaincourt: to make it the most beautiful shoe house possible.

I have always thought that a company, a brand is a living organism. I think this year has demonstrated it.

We are alive, and full of enthusiasm at the idea of ​​continuing this magnificent journey with you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, and Happy New Year everyone!

Alexis Lafont
Founder – AD

on 31 December 2020. By Alexis LAFONT. Categories Fresh News