New épisode of our vidéo sery no ON !

The idea is simple: provide THE ADVICE that will allow you to MAXIMIZE the lifetime of your favorite shoes, but also their aesthetics and the pleasure of wearing them always longer.

We are convinced that this is the moment where ever to understand the interest of favoring products which last, which you really take ownership of, and which you will become attached to over time, more and more.

Here are the tips to help you get there! We keep going today with the essential advice at the starting point of a shoe that lasts: knowing how to “break” your shoes. We think that in 5.5 minutes you will know a lot more (which can be very useful if you buy shoes online)!

We hope that this new format will please you, and above all do not hesitate to ask us any questions, by email at or on social networks Instagram and Facebook.

The video is available here :

on 28 September 2020. By Alexis LAFONT. Categories Technical advises